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Finding the Right SEO Company in 2016

First off, It’s SEO, NOT Rocket Science! Even though most SEO Firms will try and sell it off as it’s something over the average person’s head or capabilities. Their reasons for selling you this idea is simply in order to accumulate as many sign-ups as possible, makes sense. SEO, or the concept in fact is quite simple, time consuming, tedious, but still relatively simple. And great results can be accomplished at home or at the office with a few devoted minutes per day by the average Joe.

So I guess I’m selling myself out of the Job? Well not really, because SEO encompasses a multitude of scheduled micro-tasks that most small business owners don’t have the time or resources to properly manage a full SEO Campaign, at least a campaign that meets their timetable. This is where choosing to delegate the responsibility to an SEO Specialist or an SEO Firm makes a whole lot of sense.


This is where things get complicated, where money flows like wine down the drain, leaving you with very little to show for the effort. And in the worst case scenarios, now both time and money are spent repairing or recovering your damaged online reputation.

So again you ask, “How do I choose the right SEO Company?”
Choosing an SEO Company that you can trust to dot I’s, cross T’s, without forgetting the period at the end, may seem difficult at first, but simmer down, it’s actually quite simple. It involves a little do-dilly on your end, or asking the right questions and knowing what to look for when shopping around for SEO Services.

So, here it is, a list of the…

Top 10 things to consider when choosing an SEO Service Provider to represent YOU and YOUR Brand.

  1. SNAKE OIL ANYONE? Did they (The SEO Company) promise or guarantee to get your website on the first page of Google???? Quick, just walkout now!!!
  2. SAY WHAT? – When searching for an SEO Company you need to ask yourself, Will this company be performing all SEO Optimizing in-house, or will you be working with “John”, an SEO Specialist from a 3rd party based out of India? Do you really understand anything “John” is saying? No, I’m not a racist, but if communication is off, most likely so will the results of your SEO Campaign.
  3. ALPHABET SOUP! – Ask for examples of original content written by the SEO Company in question. Ensure the content is not just legible, but free from spelling errors and that it’s something someone will actually wanna read. A crappy written ad, listing, article will only help re-direct your customers to the nearest competitor’s piece.
  4. INQUISITIVE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS? – Does the SEO Company seem honestly interested in knowing more about your business, brand, product or service? Are they asking questions or wanting you to fill-out a questionnaire that is inquiring for the details of your business offering? If so, this is a good sign. If not, follow steps taken in #1.
  5. PERFORMANCE PAY or ALL UP FRONT? – Does the SEO Firm offer a month-by-month, no-obligation, pay-as-you-go, payment plan? This plan is what I like to call “Performance-Driven Sales”, where the Customer simply signs up every month, based upon measurable SEO results. If not, and the Company wants you to commit to a year long contract, be weary… Or better yet, be gone!
  6. This is “John”, How I Help You? – Will you be in direct contact with a professional SEO Specialist or Project Manager when you have questions about you Monthly SEO Report? Or will you have a different support person every time you call with a question, all conveniently named “John”, to talk with?
  7. MEASURABLE RESULTS – Does the SEO Company in question have a way to help you both understand and measure the effectiveness of their SEO Campaign? More importantly, the actual ROI? 3rd party data, outside their our project management system, like Google Analytics, should be used when delivering such a report.
  8. FULL-SERVICE? – Some SEO Companies, when running an onsite audit, hand you a list of errors with your website, that my as well be in Egyptian hieroglyphics. They then lead you to the nearest exit so that you can start your search for the right Web Developer to make the necessary code revisions. A real SEO Company should provide you with a solution, that doesn’t involve leaving their office. Even a paid solution for the additional custom services, but none-the-less, a solution.
  9. AUDIT THE FED! OK, JUST YOUR SEO PROVIDER! Why not audit your SEO Company’s very own website??? A good SEO Company should not have a website that displays SEO issues, period. This, in-itself, is a huge red-flag. One or Two SEO issues are possibly okay in the name of visual appeal.

I thought this was a Top 10? This list should help you when deciding on an SEO Service Provider and if this doesn’t help you, then here’s number 10 on my list. 10. Maybe you should consider scheduling in some time to manage your own SEO needs. The best answer to the above question could possibly be simply you buying a “How To SEO Book” OR watching some YouTube SEO Tutorials on where to start. Then get Crackin! If this is a possible solution, just remember, SEO is not Rocket Science, no matter how many nerds tell you so. It just takes time, patience and attention to detail. If you don’t have patience, nor the time, we at SEO HOMERUN, are always here to help and are a phone call away.

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