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SEO Case Study: 100% More Organic Traffic in less than a Month… and Building!

Weeks 1-2: Our Local SEO Marketing Strategy starts off focused on the optimization of all onsite aspects such as, mobile accessibility, website responsiveness or load time, textual content and imagery optimization, 404 errors, navigation organization, and much more.

Weeks 2-4: We focused on establishing our presence, offsite, in all major areas of SEO Marketing. From search engine submissions, social networks, business directories, local directories, to partnering with industry authorities and relating non-profits. We selected partners that were not only in line with the company’s mission statement, but partners that offered us the greatest return or link juice.

The Forecast: Next month should be a similar scenario as we look to again, double the client’s traffic, riding on the momentum of Search Engine and Business Directory submissions not yet registering within this week’s results. We’ll keep you updated here, so check back for a continuation of this Local SEO Case Study, due out sometime late June or early July.

In Concussion

Over the past 2-3 weeks our SEO Marketing Strategy has been applied and has generated 100% more local visitors for our landscaping client. That’s a substantial increase in both organic search traffic and leads, and all in under a month’s time! As our client continues with our SEO Services, this strategy will continue delivering them new potential business leads each and every month. Now, Hire Us to do the same for your local business. Contact Us Today!

Local SEO Report

SEO Report


  • Dropped Bounce Rate and increased the number of pages viewed by each visitor. Basically the website is reaching an audience interested in the service offering.
  • Increase overall website traffic/visitors and extended reach to include neighboring cities within the client’s service coverage area.
  • Accomplished the above and more within a month’s time. Can’t wait to see next month’s Local SEO Results.

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